On the Coincidence of Falling in Love


On the Coincidence of Falling in Love

Coincidence is a funny state of being. It seems it can go either way-- good or bad.  The origin of  the word “coincidence” is based on the root word kad, or cid, and means “to fall”. 

For instance, in terms of falling, a coincidence could be:

“Everything’s falling apart!”


“All the pieces are falling right into place!”

So each coincidence has a sense of separation in it. And aren’t we all just a little surprised by coincidences? Good or bad? Pleasant surprise or an awful mistake?  A surprising opportunity that comes along or a pebble that trips us on the road. They are equally unseen. Whether we fall in love, or fall from grace, or fall down the stairs, there is a distance created between where we are now and where we end up.

Yet what separates us from our happy coincidences? Such as:

“falling in love”.

rather than

“falling for that old trick”.

A fear of the unknown itself may push space between us and shape the height and depth of our falls.  When we experience a separation from our confidence in life and our connection to source, fear builds strong resistant thoughts. Eventually, the sidewalk must rise to meet our expectations, or the holes in the road will seemingly be unavoidable and catch us at apparent surprise.

Notice how some people shake their fist at bad luck, reaffirming in a quiet knowledge that their circumstance is so unfortunate, yet owning it, and so familiar. The human psyche gains a strange sense of solid footing in “knowing” and “expecting” that things won't go well. So when things don't go well, there's a false sense of security and a rigid belief in bad luck- quite the  opposite of abundant loving source energy. 

So, can we trust that even in a fall, there may be some benefit in it?  Maybe in fact we need to be closer to the ground? or to slow down? or to keep your eyes open? or can we accept for ourselves that what is now pleasantly apparent is perfectly fit for us?

It seems the only thing to learn from our mistakes, and falls from grace, or unhappy coincidences, is that we mistook ourselves as separate from grace. Separate from abundant source energy. The same energy ceaselessly pushing up the daisies and spinning our planet and moon.  And as we lean in and allow ourselves to believe in our closeness, and sameness with source, so our perceptions will reflect that back to us.  This is why confidence matters. Because the more you believe you are love, and the more you know that source is composed of love, the more you are capable of perceiving love.  

One can't see kindness through the eyes of hate, but you can experience pain and prefer to lean into the direction of less pain. You can’t experience abundance looking through the eyes of poverty, but if you truly believe yourself to be a failure, source energy will lovingly oblige and meet that needed reflection for you. Source does not judge. Source provides.

We are not empty vessels needing to be filled. We are each an aspect of source energy perceiving a reflected reality through our senses. 

“Struggle” is the strong belief that you do not yet have what you deserve.

“Faith” is trust in knowing that you are experiencing abundant source energy through your senses.

Those who love themselves and walk with open hearts, seek loving coincidences and will easily step around potholes and kick the pebbles out of the way so others will not fall. But those who do not trust source and its abundant love, will complain of all the pot holes as they trip and fall along their way. They will remark how dangerous the world has become, and note all its pesky, trip-causing pebbles. You just can't get to true safety while keeping a watchful eye out for peril.  

If we truly want to experience love now, we must know ourselves as being love already.

Because as we are love, we love. We neither need another to be loved, nor do we need another to love to be loving.  And in that state of being, it is very probable to expect that source will fill the gap with love and coincidence will close the distance allowing us to fall into a place where we can appreciate love in one another. Maybe that's the coincidence of fearlessly falling in love.