On the Breath of Inspiration


On the Breath of Inspiration

     If inspiration is “breathing in”, then what of breath itself. When one is inspired to play the flute, one must breathe intentionally with control. However, as we sleep we breathe without our conscious thoughts. And think how difficult it would be to take a jog through the park if each breath we took required our mind’s control.  These are ways breathing enters through the mouth, but what of true inspiration, the breathing in of spirit. What place does it enter into us?

     Certainly, it is the open heart that spiritually inspires us. And just like a breath of air can flow out through the vocal chords making the sound of music, so too can our hearts resonate in harmony with love. To be in love, to be inspired to love.

Is it possible to feel love with a closed heart?

Can we feel joyful inspiration through a heart not open?

So how do we open our hearts to be inspired by love?

How is a heart like a mouth that opens and pulls in the air we breathe?

     Does the mind control the in - out breathing as we run? Not really. But the mind can be struck by fear causing our breath to stop in its tracks.

So, what closes the heart in fear?

How often do our minds influence our hearts by fearful thoughts?

     A shadow dashing along the wall from a fluttering curtain, or a creaking noise from an unknown place, that causes our mind to jump to conclusions of a night time bogeyman and monsters under the bed. When our hearts are struck by fear, it is our imaginations racing through our minds that causes it. However, don’t we “breathe a sigh of relief” as we realize it’s just the curtain in the breeze or footsteps on creaking floor boards?

     So, can we also imagine love?  Would our hearts open, allowing us to breathe in and be inspired by love? Truly as we count our blessings, we are counting breaths of spirit entering into and opening our hearts.

     If we have the power to imagine the terror of a boogeyman, what about imagining our joyful blessings and the grace of peacefulness? And if we ignore fear for now, and have the courage to use our minds to imagine love, we may sense the gratitude of what we already have.  And then maybe our hearts would open and breathe in the spiritual truth that is abundant Love and eternal Source energy.