Who Knew You Could Find Jesus Christ at 7-11


Yesterday evening I walked into 7-11 feeling a bit of a dark cloud in my heart.  I had broken expectations of a new job I hoped to get.  I felt doubt start to creep into my self-worth.

As I walked around 7-11 looking for some sort of comfort food amongst the colorful, plastic wrapped, quick-fix, fast food variety of crunchy, salty, sweet and handy, I listened to the music playing on the intercom. The words of the chorus kept saying "I'll be here for you" over and over again.

I settled on a bean and cheese burrito and put my pity-party snack into the microwave and proceeded to stare meaninglessly at the digital numbers as they counted down in slow motion from 60 to one. As the chorus droned on and on about "being there for you", a thought crossed my mind--Who will be there for me? In that split second, an image caught my eye. It was tucked back behind the microwave, behind a messy pile of random supplies and storage containers, and taped to the back of the cigarette stand. It looked like it had been there in that same still and quiet place right in the middle of the 7-11 chaos for quite some time. It was a small post card-sized image of Jesus Christ seemingly looking right into my heart.

In that moment, I was reminded that God works in perfectly mysterious and personally gratifying ways. I felt my self-confidence return as I realized that even when we have doubt, God's love really is there to be experienced through an open heart.