No matter what your current life circumstance, there is always a new preference available. You have to be willing to trust yourself in a process that has no immediate evidence. The place to find trust is in personal preferences based on how current conditions feel. Happiness dwells inside the clarity of what you prefer. Just as the fruit of the orange is pleasing, not the rind. But without the rind, there would be no fruit.

When a new preference is being born, sometimes the conditions which created it linger on a bit because part of your energy is still back there out of habit. Just like when you step in poo, it takes some time to get off your shoe.

Not moving towards clarity of preference, causes struggling against limitations. This is very uncomfortable and a true distraction to happiness.

Happiness comes from knowing what you want. Fortunately, life constantly gives you opportunities to refine what you want based on the focus of your preferences. It's not so much that what is present is wrong, it's just not what you want. And that's ok because what you want is gaining focus in the contrast. You don't actually have to let go of anything so much as use what you have at hand to move towards what you want.